Callan method 【Looking back myself until stage 6】


I’ve been studying English through Callan method.


Have you ever heard this way of studying English.

The Callan Method is a fast, fun and easy way of learning English that focuses on improving students’ listening and speaking skills. This method is focused on continues Q&A around the lesson. My teacher asked me some question about everything else and I am forced to reply with perfect sentences without interruption. Thus, almost all the time, we could not stop talking and teacher forces me to speak English as many as possible.


According to website of Callan method, students reach the level of the internationally-recognized Cambridge Preliminary English Test (PET) in approximately 80 hours instead of the usual 350 hours it takes when learning by other methods and the level of the Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE) in about 160 hours. That’s why, Callan method is known as a method that allows students to learn English four times faster than normal study methods.


Up to now, we completed level 5 of Callan method over the course of year. I’d like to share my thoughts about effects of Callan methods from perspective of my improvement.


Beneficial points of Callan method

The biggest impact for my posture against English is that I am no longer afraid to speak English. Before starting Callan methods, I had been suffering to communicate anyone in English because I had difficulty in expressing my thought in English and I avoided talking to students from abroad. But through almost annual lesson, I repeatedly listened the teacher’s questions and answer quickly, which got me used to speaking in English. So far, I sometimes communicate with international students in my lab. and even in some meeting, I have been able to discussed in English. That’s great improvement for me because I had never asked and joined discussion in English   when I started studying English a year ago.


Achieving stage 5 textbook, apparently, I feel two advantages of Callan methods.

First, I have had higher motivation than any other material for English study. As daily lesson proceed forward, the level more and more increase, which spark me to reach a higher level.


Secondly, vocabulary is increasing day by day. Online lesson is mainly focused on English output. Usually, free conversation during lesson give me a good opportunity to output English vocabulary I’ve already have but it makes me difficult to increase new word, phrase and sentences. In callan method, every time we take, we could meet several new English word and learn how to use in the sentences following discussion including those new words. Those series of lesson style strength my vocabulary, grammar and speaking skills at the same time.



Complaining points of Callan method

Of course, I sometimes complain about several points in callan method.

Especially, I often say the series of sentences which we will never use in the real world.

For example, 「If you walked in the rain without carrying an umbrella or wearing a raincoat, what might happen?」

→「If I walked in the rain without carrying an umbrella or wearing a raincoat, I’d get wet and might catch a cold.」


What an obvious situation. There are very few situations where I would ask or reply to such a strange question.

In the callan method, we often confront the strange sentences which is not practical. But I think, it’s more important to speak many sentences than to learn practical sentences. I try to make another opportunity to use what I learned in callan more practically. In my case, I take 30 min callan method in the morning and 30 min free conversation lesson in the evening. This coraboration make my study very effective way to improve English skills.


I’d like to insist another bad point. If I lack my concentration in the lesson, this methods become less effective. It works when we try to answer complete English phrase before teacher helps us to answer. So if I could not take the lesson proactively, I just follow what teacher says in English (maybe it’s useful to study English at least in part).

You have to keep your physical and mental condition better for callan method to make it more effective.



Anyway, I totally recommend the Callan method. Multiplying new vocabulary, repeating the same phrase, and speaking English as many as possible could change me to like the person who could answer the English question without translation or thinking.

I confirmed this is one of the best shortcut way to improve our English skills.